About Gloria Byard

Alexandra Iliescu
(former player)
The abstract painting represents Mrs. Gloria Byard. The canvas was chosen because it’s where ideas are painted, just Like Mrs. Byard’s thoughts are created.
The basis or background of the painting is black which represents her dedication to the sport of field hockey; solid. The ambition of Coach Byard is displayed in the green diagonal stripes that are repetitive and continuous. They show that when Mrs. Byard is driven to do something, she won’t stop until she gets it; she knows what she wants and how to get it.
The red sporadic misshapen dots represent Mrs. Byard’s desire, because just like the chickenpox it doesn’t go away and there’s so much of it.
The linked “desire dots” are connected by “yellow willpower rods”, because it’s the strength of Coach Byard that holds her together.
The orange framework that splits the painting into a reflection is her vibrant optimism of reality because Mrs. Byard is always thinking of the positive, but keeping in mind the reality of it all. The symmetry shown in the painting demonstrates how Coach Byard reflects on others and how she coordinates everything together, including her outfits. The blue and dark green slashes are represented as dividing the two reflections to show the different qualities that make Coach Byard a unique person, while merging in the middle as a whole. Heart is the biggest part of Mrs. Byard and probably most meaningful, therefore it is represented as the thick white border that encases the painting and holds all of the qualities.
Last but not least, notice the painting has little imperfections, which means nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, however, they are fixable.

Gloria is married to a wonderful husband of 47 years, two grown children and seven beautiful grandchildren. To God Be The Glory!


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